Bell Pepper

GHS 350.00
USD 59.63

Bell pepper is a highly consumed vegetable in our Ghanaian local dishes. It is also highly nutritious which boost the immune system, helps in weight loss, an antioxidant and helps stabilises the nervous system. The demand is extremely high in the dry season, due to the inability of our local farmers to use an irrigation system. Agripool is grabbing this opportunity in collaboration with our co farmers to produce bell pepper on our well irrigated farms to maximise the yield and satisfy the local market, also making it easier for our off takers who find it difficult sourcing for bell pepper. The farming period for bell pepper allows for land preparation, growing and transplanting seedlings, harvesting and packaging before sales to off-takers.

  • Farm Size:4 acre(s)
  • Farm Units:400 units
  • Units Left:300 units

  • Farm Period:6 months
  • Yield per unit:12.5 kg
  • Avg sale price per kg :₵ 5.00
  • Return After Sale :₵ 63.00
  • Payout Amount:₵ 413
  • Start Date:Sept. 2, 2020
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