GHS 350.00
USD 59.63

Tomatoes is a nutrient dense super food that offers benefit to a range of bodily systems. Tomatoes are rich in natural vitamins and minerals, which supports healthful skin, weight loss, and healthy heart. Ghana imports more than $100 million of tomatoes annually from Burkina Faso. Meanwhile, Africa imports $25 billion of value added tomatoes from Europe, Asia and America. Tomato is one of the commonest vegetables eaten in the average household. This means tomato farming in Ghana is an amazing opportunity to earn in this agribusiness prospect. The farming period for tomatoes allows for land preparation, growing and transplanting seedlings, harvesting and packaging before sales to off-takers.

  • Farm Size:4 acre(s)
  • Farm Units:400 units
  • Units Left:329 units

  • Farm Period:6 months
  • Yield per unit:21.6 kg
  • Avg sale price per kg :₵ 5.00
  • Return After Sale :₵ 63.00
  • Payout Amount:₵ 413
  • Start Date:Sept. 2, 2020
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