Cucumber Farm

GHS 200.00
USD 34.07

Cucumber is a succulent vegetable with a good source of fibre, particular in the skin. It has wonderful health benefits where it helps in weight loss and also stabilizes blood pressure. The good thing about this wonderful vegetable is that its demand is very high which knocks off the ideas of whether you would be able to sell it. The farming period for cucumber allows for land preparation, growing and transplanting seedlings, harvesting and packaging before sales to off-takers.

  • Farm Size:2 acre(s)
  • Farm Units:200 units
  • Units Left:150 units

  • Farm Period:6 months
  • Yield per unit:5.0 kg
  • Avg sale price per kg :₵ 4.00
  • Return After Sale :₵ 20.00
  • Payout Amount:₵ 220
  • Start Date:Sept. 2, 2020
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