Since 2007, the annual turnover of the US Lotto and Toto Block (DLTB) is constantly between 6.5 and 7.8 billion euros. The majority of it is achieved with the classic lotto 6aus49. In Germany, however, there are still a few more lotteries that may not be known to the general public. We want to change that and give you various information about the topic of lotto numbers.

Lotto - what is that?

The term lotto comes from the Romanesque language branch and means "share" or "go", but can also be translated with "fate" or "gambling". All this term are not wrong, but Gambling ultimately meets it best. Finally, with financial use, it is typed on it that in a draw from a known amount of certain numbers or. Number combinations are drawn. A predetermined proportion of the missions will be repaid in the form of profits, whereby different prize levels are available in each lottery.

Lotto yesterday and today - a quick look in the story

Already in 1569, in England, a lottery was carried out for the first time, which had the goal of achieving revenues with which public orders should be financed, among other things, in the field of harbor or bridge construction. In 1614, for the first time in Hamburg, profit numbers were drawn on US soil. This type of gambling found around the globe in different facets of imitators and has often been organized, but not always organized by the state side - often with the still common background, non-profit projects to promote.

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Lotto in today's form there are in Germany or. The GDR since the mid-50s. With the reunification, the respective lotteries were merged. In the course of this, the popular Lotto 6aus49 has introduced an additional number, which was replaced in 2013 by the supernumber. Otherwise, however, the most famous lottery has remained largely unchanged since the turnaround, while in parallel with the progression of the European Community, new, transnational lotteries (Eurojackpot, Euromillions) have arisen.

Lotteries in Germany - an overview

As in many other countries, there is also a lottery monopoly in Germany. Apart from also approved social emergencies (U.a. Action Human, US telescoperism) is the US Lotto and Toto Block as the Association of Lotto Societies of the federal states thus the organizer of all approved lotteries. And on his offer we want to limit ourselves below.

Lotto 6aus49

Lotto 6aus49 is still the most famous and at the same time most popular lottery in Germany. The game principle is simple. Of 49 numbers (1-49), six are typed by ticking appropriate fields on the game license available online now. In addition, it is important to set a supernumber of 0 to 9. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the lottery numbers and the supernumber are drawn as part of a live broadcast on the Internet. There are eight different winning classes starting with three correct lottery numbers without correct supernumber. 50 percent of all missions are distributed. If a winning class remains unoccupied, the respective jackpot falls higher at the next draw. The main profit consisting of the six real lottery numbers and the right supermarket.


Game77 and Super6

On a lottery game also include participation options for the games Game77 and Super6. These are so-called final digitor lotteries, in the center of which is freely selectable on a classic ticket and freely selectable on the Internet. Depending on how many digits of the seven-digit lot number read from right to left correspond to the inaccessibility, the amount of profit falls off. At the Game77, the gain moves between five euros in a correct number and 177.777 euros. At the Super6 only the last six digits of the lot number are evaluated. Otherwise, the game principle with gains is between 2.50 and 100.000 Euro the same.

Keno, lucky spiral and Euro jackpot

These three lotteries complete the offer of DLTB, but are not played so often. While the lucky spiral is another final digitor lottery with a lifelong immediate retirement of monthly 7.500 euros, the international Eurojackpot works according to the principle 5aus50 and 2aus8.

Keno is a flexible lottery with 70 lotto numbers, 20 of which are determined as a profit numbers. You can optionally be typed two to ten numbers. From the number of quoted numbers and also variable use, the potential profit depends essentially.

Counting & Facts - statistics about the lottery numbers

To the classic lottery 6aus49, some myths tend to rise and at the same time there are some mathematical truths that make it clear how low the chance is on the main gain. So there is exactly 13.983.816 possibilities Alone for the six real lottery numbers. Since the correct supernumber is needed for the main profit, this value must be multiplied by the ten. The chance of the main profit is therefore exactly 1: 139.838.160. Since twelve tips are possible per lotion, it would have to be 11 before one and the same draw.653.180 lottery tickets are filled in to clear definitely. At a price of one Euro per tip, it can be calculated quickly that this approach would not be worthwhile.

Incidentally, all 49 numbers have the same probability to be drawn. And yet, a look at the story shows that some numbers were far frequent to profit numbers than others. Most often of all lotto numbers has been drawn since 1955 the "6". 594 times the "6" belonged to the profit numbers, while porcidly forms the "13" of 479 draws as a misfortune, the final light (as of April 2020).

The highest, ever achieved single gain in the Lotto6aus49 dated 37.688.291.80 Euro from October 2006. The jackpot was higher in December 2007, but three players the main profit of 45.382.458 euros sharing.

More success with the lottery numbers - tips and strategies

Since all lotto numbers have the same probability of draw, there is no insider tip for a special number or number combination. However, many people like to cross a lottery numbers that consist of birthday and birth month of themselves, relatives or friends. Therefore, high numbers over 31 are tapped slightly less often. The risk of having to share a possible profit with many players is correspondingly slightly lower at higher lotions.

Meanwhile you should avoid numbers of numbers from the top left to the bottom right or from the top left to the left below. These are more popular patterns that find on many plays.

Just want to try his luck with the lottery once a week, meanwhile, the Wednesday will be preferred to Saturday. Because during the week significantly fewer people play lotto than on the weekend, which in turn the chance, in the case of cases a high profit, enlarged.