Lotto BW

The US Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB), under its roof the state Gambling Together in Germany, the merger of the lotto companies in the federal states, which also the state Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg, is briefly belonged: Lotto Bw,. That was not always the case, which is why a closer look at the history and development of Lotto BW is worthwhile. Below we go in detail both as well as to the present offer.

That's Lotto BW

As a hundred percent subsidiary of the investment company of the state of Baden-Württemberg Ha, the state Toto-Lotto GmbH Baden-Württemberg is based as at the time of the foundation in 1948 in Stuttgart. Only with the difference to then, the company today counts almost 200 employees and scratched in recent years with his sales at the billion mark.

In 2018, concrete inserts amounting to 987.6 million euros were counted, of which 490.8 million euros around half in the form of profits was distributed again. 373.1 million euros went to the Land Baden-Württemberg, which promoted sports, culture and art as well as the preservation and social sectors over the well-filled competent fund.

Lotto BW is not only represented in Germany in DLTB in a lottery association, but also belongs beyond the national borders also the European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA).

The story of Lotto BW

Until today's Lotto BW, it was still a long way, when the Baden-Württemberg Landtag enabled Law Sports betting in August 1948 and in the course of which two months later in Stuttgart the state sports Toto GmbH was lifted out of baptism.

The still popular LOTTO 6aus49 also needed in Baden-Württemberg significantly more start-up time than in most other federal states. Only in April 1958 and thus almost three years after the first appearance, the drawing of the lottery numbers also found in Baden-Württemberg participation, after the month before the Law on the Number Lotto in Baden-Württemberg had made the way free. At the same time the accession to DLTB was made.

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As a result, Lotto BW adopted similar developments as the other lotto companies in the federal states and remained for a long time without major changes. Only in 1991 was an adaptation of the name in State Toto-Lotto GmbH, with which the term "lotto"Was integrated in it.

In the new millennium, Lotto BW also went with time and strengthened its activities on the Internet, also to keep up with private and especially in the field of sports betting strong competition. This is at least partially succeeded, but today will already deliver online about every tenth tip online.

These games belong to the portfolio of Lotto BW

After only Toto was possible in the first ten years after the founding, Lotto 6aus49 has expanded the offer in 1958 and at the same time ensured for really momentum. The long-class lotto 6aus49 and the footballtoto, now with a 13-result tip and the 6aus45 selection bet in modified form, are still two essential legs. However, over time, some new offers were added, which were partially reset, but also still still playable.


While the Olympic Lottery introduced in Munich in Munich Olympics or the Geo-coordinates-based Lottery Logeo could not last permanently, the lucky spiral (since 1970), the game 77 and the Super 6 as a supplement to the Lotto6aus49 (since 1977 or. since 1992) already comparatively long. This also applies to the in the mid-1980s rubbellosis, which still exercise the special charity of the instant profit. The state sports bet OddSet (since 1999), the daily lottery Keno (since 2005) and the New Year's Eve millions (since 2010) were added at national level before the European Lottery EuroJackpot started in 2012 open from the start of the people in Baden-Württemberg from the beginning was standing.

Lotto BW - numbers and records

In terms of sales, Lotto BW naturally can not take leadership role in Germany, other federal states and thus other lottery companies such as Westlotto in the densely populated North Rhine-Westphalia have much more potential customers. Nevertheless, the revenues of Lotto BW, which are generated by an average of 2.2 million game orders per week, can be seen. And of course, again and again stately profits go to the areas around Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Mannheim or Freiburg, where almost half of the missions on the Lotto 6aus49 is eliminated.

Alone in 2018, 42 inhabitants of Baden-Württemberg in the classic lottery 6aus49 had a six on the ticket. The Baden-Württemberg's maximum profit went with 17.3 million euros to a teammate from Ludwigsburg. Of course, this is only a low amount compared to the nationwide record that a Tipper derived from the Black Forest receives. In October 2016, the Eurojackpot filled with 90 million euros to the upper limit went close to Freiburg.

Since 2005, it has never been less than 14 new millionaires per year, which came about participating in lotteries to their wealth. The Baden-Württemberg Record during this period was 25 million winners Anno 2011. In 2019, this brand was just just missed with 23 winning height.