If you want to pay quickly on the Internet, today has numerous alternatives to choose from. Most have besides advantages, however, one or the other not very optimal point. With Klarna, however, a very versatile payment service is available in the market, which allows payments to almost all because of the invoice via a Sofortüberweisung to the installment purchase. Reason enough to take a closer look at the Swedish provider and its available options.

What is Klarna? Information and facts for payment provider

2005 Standed under the name of creditor as a factoring service for Internet purchases of three Swedish entrepreneurs Klarna has steadily developed over time. The shops received correctly in 2010 with the expansion to the US and the Dutch market. Another milestone was the acquisition of the immediate review at the end of 2013, including its premium product Sofortüberweisung, which subsequently extended the portfolio.Further acquisitions and numerous cooperations among other things with VISA or Apple caused a continuously rising awareness and growing revenues. In 2019, such an annual turnover of 7.15 billion Swedish crowns, converted around 658
Millions of euros, achieved.

The success Klarnas is based on a non-insignificant part on versatility. In principle, Klarna offers its users a number of different payment forms. In addition to the Sofortüberweisung, direct debit payments via bank account and credit card are as possible as a payment in installments. A special clou is the payment on account, for which 14 days stay. For a small fee, the payment period can be extended by up to 60 days
or be converted directly into a financing. Central power of Klarna is to handle the payments of the customers to the dealers at all costs and to take over their payment entitlements. The risks for both the specially protected buyer as well as for the seller are thus minimized. The service is financed by the fact that the dealer pays a fee per transaction.

safety & Seriousness

Alone the size of the company with over 2700 employees, 85 million users and more than 200.000 Cooperative online retailers is an unreal sign that Klarna works seriously and attaches great importance to safety. This becomes even clearer if you are a bit more accurate how the individual transactions expire. The most advanced encryption techniques are always used and of course Klarna also fulfills the currently valid data protection standards, which was rewarded in 2015 with a corresponding certificate of TÜV Saarlandes.

Regardless of technical things, the Buyer Protection Directive is a hedge for customers who were available on the Internet, but not or not as in the desired form.

Payments with Klarna

Payments with Klarna are as mentioned by Sofortüberweisung, credit card, direct debit payment and also on account. Thus, payments can be commissioned both with as well as without a special Klarna account. Who chooses a customer account, can conveniently manage all Klarna payments, including terminals via app. Not all online stores or Online Playcluses but also offer all payment routes.

The actual payment process is complicated and with a few mouse clicks within comparatively short time. Especially if a bank account or credit card is already deposited and to be paid. Who decides for the Sofortüberweisung, must enter the necessary access data for online banking, while invoice purchases no hurry is offered and you are up to 14 days for payment
Time can take. Payments are also possible using Klarna, but exclusively via bank transfer, which then takes the one or the other day.

Fees for payment transactions

A big plus of Klarna in all variants is that there are no fees for the buyer. At least not from Klarna itself. Some dealers or. In particular, online casinos, but charges for certain payment methods, but also occasionally for Klarna payments. However, these must be displayed before the transaction is completed, so there is still the possibility to switch to another payment form. Otherwise only the recipients pay payments with Klarna.

Klarna in the online casino

Of course, with the as fast as simple functionality, Klarna is excellently suitable for payments in the online casino. And now no longer only casinos from Sweden or. Scandinavia Klarna payments.

However, the selection of payment methods in online casinos is usually significantly reduced and limited in almost all cases to the Sofortüberweisung. But this is open to anyone and can also be used without a Klarna account as well as the deposit of bank or credit card details.
Who chooses the Sofortüberweisung for Klarna or the Sofortüberweisung to revoke money for the first time on a casino account, may usually be pleased about a welcome bonus. Because unlike many payments with the E-Wallets Skrill and Neteller, the Sofortüberweis is usually not excluded from bonus offers. If Via Klarna has been deposited, moreover, it can also be paid out on the same way. However, payments are carried out by bank transfer and can take a few days.

Advantages of the Klarna Sofortüberweisung

The biggest advantage of the Sofortüberweisung is that the paid amount is available within a few moments on the casino account. A waiting time is eliminated and it can go directly with the playing. Another plus is that the Sofortüberweisung work without registration or registration with Klarna. Although a Klarna account has some advantages, especially if you use the service in online shops, but basically it is not necessary to deposit data of any kind.

Anyone who does not want to pay by bank account or credit card anyway can save themselves a verification of these payment methods and simply use the already available online banking data. And of course, it is very customer friendly that the user besides occasions due to occasional casino charges no costs arise.