1. The contributor will receive updates and push notifications on the app and also on the website. The updates will based on the activities happening on the farm from the kick off to the sales of produce period.
2. There will be group visits to the farm, where the contributors can have a hands on practical experience and this will be done during key farm activities
3. The total fund raised by contributors will be used for lease of land, land preparation, seedlings, crop protection, cost of supervision and administration and also technology maintenance.
4. You agree that by contributing to a farm, your contribution is tied and unavailable for the entire period of the Farming Duration and neither AgripoolApp, its Partners nor the farmers can or will refund your contribution until the successful completion of a Farming Duration
5. There will be no accruing of return if a specific farms contribution is not reached by a contributor before it closes.
6. Any profits from a successful Farming Duration of a contributor’s farm are remitted to the electronic wallet on the Platform when the produce is harvested and sold.
7. At the end of a successful Farming Duration, you can decide whether to withdraw your funds from the electronic account on the Platform and transfer to a mobile money account you provide us or contribute on another farm from the farm shop
8. At the end of a Farming season, the Contributors’ Expected Returns is disbursed from any profits made during harvest.
9. AGRIPOOLAPP DOES NOT and WILL NOT support any money laundering objectives.
10. AGRIPOOLAPP is NOT an investment platform. It is a crowd farming platform that impact people's lives in agriculture through technology while earning on your contributions.