Growing Organic with Agripool.
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Organic food sales in the United States have doubled over the past decade, yet organic farming hasn’t kept pace. We at Agripool are making that change in Ghana.

If you ask a handful of people what ‘organic’ truly means, you will receive an array of answers. Practices and definitions of organic agriculture certainly differ depending on whether you are speaking with a farmer, gardener, or organic certifier. The basis of organic agriculture is to farm in rhythm with nature’s laws in a sustainable manner that provides a healthy eco-system for all beings involved.

These principles generally include: - Using cover crops - Reducing off-farm inputs - Maintaining and enhancing ecological harmony - Absolutely refraining from using chemical fertilizers and chemical pest controls.

Being an organic farm is not simply the matter of turning off chemical sprayers; farmers must be equipped with the knowledge to manage soil nutrients without fertilizer and dissipate weeds and pests without herbicides and insecticides. At Agripool, we are doing just that. Why, you may ask? Due to the numerous detrimental effects toxic chemicals have on our environment, produce and health.

By refraining from using chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, these chemicals are unable to: - Run-off and find their way into the water supply - Affect the safety and health of our people and wildlife - Harm small animals, birds, and beneficial insects - Enter your body through the fruits and vegetables that maintain a chemical residue - Cause erosion that can impact an entire area, as organic farmers continually build up their soil with organic matter.

Therefore, Agripool is dedicated to supplying superior, organic produce. Not only are organic produce free from toxic chemicals, but it has also been proven to have higher vitamin and mineral content than those grown with the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. While organic fruits and veggies may not have the uniform look one’s used to seeing in the supermarket, the difference in taste speaks for itself. There is a virtual explosion of flavor that bears little resemblance to the taste of commercially raised produce. It’s so clean and fresh, it can be tasted right off the vine, tree, or plant.


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