The AgripoolApp is tech-based, social crowd- farming service developed and managed by Agripool. Our aim is to impact both directly and indirectly through diverse means and processes in the agricultural sector in African territories. Our process involved making agribusiness accessible and appealing to our users.


Our aim is to become Africa’s largest network of partner farmers producing the finest organic fruits and vegetables. We aim to improve communities through impacting 30 000 small farmers (in the next 5 years) by providing additional consistent revenue streams.


At Agripool we want to create income streams for our users:

  • Our platform provides a means to gain access to land and participate in the agricultural industry
  • We provide ease of access to profitable agricultural projects with high returns on investment.
  • We provide an avenue for individuals to generate additional income streams.

At Agripool we supply our partners with:

  • The highest standard of fresh, organic and sustainably farmed food.
  • Reliable fresh produce all year round..
  • Timely delivery.

At Agripool we care how our farms impact the environment

  • We ensure our partners’ farms have low environmental impact
  • We ensure that our partners are ensuring optimal water usage
  • We ensure that our partners are empowering the communities that they are based in..

Key Pillars

1. Partner Farmers

We at Agripool aim to connect our partner farms with a network of off-takers and buyers for their farms produce. This ensures that our partner farmers have consistent and reliable revenue streams.

2. Innovation

We at Agripool pride ourselves at our innovation. Our partner farmers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, equipment & innovative strategies to best optimize their farms and yield

3. Risk Mitigation

Our partnership with the best farming and farm management company and insurance company assures a professional process as they deliver the best farming cultures and the best of an insurance cover.

4. Impact

We at Agripool are focused on IMPACT! We create jobs and provide livelihoods for our partner farmers, their families and their communities. Our impact is focused on the communities we serve in, one farmer, one family and one community at a time.