Impactful Farming

At Agripool our entire eco system is centered around impacting local farmers by providing an assured and consistent source of livelihood and access to funding for growth.

How It Works

1. Create an Account

Join Agripool using a registered mobile number / email

2. Choose a Farm

Visit the farm shop to select a preferred farm to invest in.

3. Contribute to your Farm

You can invest by buying a farm unit on the farm store. Contributions will be reflected on the dashboard immediately. .

4. Get Practical Updates

Track your farm through regular email, video, pictures and report updates. Receive notifications of the activities on the farm and schedule occasional visits to the farm.

5.Cash out or re-invest

After a successful season, you have the option to cash out your investment or re-invest in another farm. Cash out is easy with cash out options that are specific to your region.

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